OEM and Out-licensing

Custom products backed by BD quality

BD has extensive experience working with customers to develop high-quality reagent solutions. Partnership opportunities include custom or bulk reagents, OEM/resale reagents and assays, product licensing, as well as panel design with our Custom Technology Team.


BD antibodies are known for their high quality and lot-to-lot consistency. Choose from a wide array of specificities in both purified and conjugated formats, available in multiple sizes, to use in bulk or custom formulations for research use or resale.

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Choose from our proprietary list of in house developed clones to license and tailor to your own application.

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BD Horizon Brilliant Polymer Dyes

BD Horizon Brilliant™ polymer dyes, developed from pioneering technology acquired from Sirigen Ltd., have changed the game in flow cytometry. Bright reagents are essential in resolving dim cells from others in a sample, and the characteristics of the BD Horizon™ dyes enable them to achieve much brighter fluorescence signals than traditional organic dyes or even phycobiliproteins such as PE or APC. We are now offering the same technology to select markets outside of flow.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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