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ENABLING GREATER EXPERIMENTAL POWER WITH AN EXTENSIVE PORTFOLIO OF TRUSTED REAGENTS. Building and balancing a multicolor flow cytometry panel can be difficult. BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet (BUV) polymer dyes provide increased options of available formats per specificity. This allows you to spread the dyes over more spectral space, which can enable greater flexibility and better data resolution in panel design.

BUV - DOBM Spectra

Brilliant Resolution: BD Horizon Brilliant™ unique polymer dyes were developed from pioneering polymer dye technology. These unique dyes are brighter than conventional dyes, with an equivalent background to better discriminate dim populations–a breakthrough in the field.

Reduced Spread and Compensation: Managing spillover between reagents can be one of the more difficult elements of multicolor panel design. BUV reagents allow researchers to spread markers over more lasers and spectral space, which can reduce spillover and spread into other channels, resulting in better resolution.

Panel Design Flexibility: The family of BUV reagents provides more choice for multicolor flow cytometry, making multicolor panel design easier. No matter the complexity of your panel, using these dyes with other fluorochromes enables the detection of more fluorescence parameters from a single sample.


Class 1 Laser Product.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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