Research Reagents

Antibodies and Buffers

Conjugated antibodies, purified antibodies, and buffers for cell biology and immunology.

Cell-Based Assays

Assays, kits, and recombinant proteins for measuring cellular function including apoptosis, cell cycle, and proliferation.

Cell Culture

Advanced Bioprocessing offers specialty media products to help you achieve optimal production yields, while minimizing media development time.

Clinical Discovery Research Reagents

BD Biosciences Clinical Discovery Research Reagents (CDRR) supply clinical researchers with tools to advance their clinical discovery.

Clinical Research - RUO (GMP)

Conjugated antibodies, purified antibodies, antibody cocktails, and buffers for clinical research.


Bead‐based immunoassays, ELISA kits, and ELISPOT kits for soluble protein measurements.

Instrument Setup and Maintenance

Maintain and monitor instrument performance and sensitivity with flow cytometer setup and tracking beads, sheath fluid, and cleaning solution.

Magnetic Cell Separation Reagents

Kits for positive selection and enrichment of specific cell types using magnetic particles.

BD OptiBuild? Reagents

On-demand single color antibodies for cell biology and immunology.

Protein Expression Reagents

Insect cell growth media for Baculovirus protein expression.

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