BD? Immunoassay ELISA reagents

BD Biosciences offers three convenient BD™ ELISA reagent formats for quantitation of cytokines and other soluble proteins.

Individual reagents are comprised of unlabeled capture antibodies, biotinylated detection antibodies, and protein standards offering a wide range of specificities and assay design flexibility. BD OptEIA™ sets include sufficient reagents for five or twenty 96-well plates, and BD OptEIA™ kits contain reagents, as well as pre-coated 96-well plates. All three BD Biosciences sandwich ELISA formats provide fast, easy quantitation of soluble analytes and total response analysis.

Highest flexibility and cost efficiency for the analysis of tissue culture supernatants

For researchers characterizing analytes in tissue culture supernatants, BD Biosciences individual reagents for sandwich ELISA include unlabeled capture antibodies, biotinylated detection antibodies, and protein standards. A cost-effective approach, BD Biosciences single-vial reagents offer a wide range of specificities along with assay design flexibility for researchers developing their own immunoassays.

Note: For analysis of serum, plasma, or other complex biological fluids, please see the BD OptEIA sets and kits that are specifically developed and optimized for measurement of analytes in these sample types.

  • Optimized reagents for quantitation of soluble analytes in serum, plasma, and tissue culture supernatants using sandwich ELISA
  • Matched antibody pairs and protein standards
  • Wide range of specificities and assay design flexibility with individual reagents, as well as convenient set and kit formats

Available matched antibody pairs and protein standard individual reagents:

  • Unlabeled capture antibodies
  • Biotinylated detection antibodies
  • Protein standards
  • Streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase

The fastest, most reliable quantitation of soluble proteins in serum, plasma, and tissue culture supernatants

BD OptEIA™ kits contain pre-coated 96-microwell plates with all necessary reagents to measure analyte protein levels. With a BD OptEIA kit, the time and resources required to develop and optimize an assay are eliminated. The BD OptEIA ELISA kit II format was developed for superior accuracy with serum and plasma specimens.

Sensitivity: Detection as low as 1 pg/mL
Precision: Low inter- and intra-assay variation
Ease of Use: 3½ hour incubation time, room temperature, no shaking
Accuracy: Specially formulated diluents for best serum spike recovery

BD OptEIA kits contain:

  • Pre-coated 96-well plates
  • Lyophilized standards
  • Detection antibodies
  • Streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase
  • Standard/sample diluent
  • ELISA diluent
  • Wash concentrate
  • TMB one-step substrate reagent
  • Stop solution

Test serum, plasma, and tissue culture supernatants

BD OptEIA™ sets are optimized to measure cytokine (and other soluble protein) levels in serum, plasma, and tissue culture supernatants. The detection antibodies in most sets are specifically fragmented to reduce background and nonspecific binding to autoantibodies and plasma proteins such as complement components, acute phase proteins, and fibronectin.

Save time and money

BD OptEIA sets are packaged for convenience with sufficient reagent for five or twenty 96-well plates. The components are pre-titered and QC-tested, and detailed instructions for dilution of the reagents are included with each set, virtually eliminating the need for tedious optimization experiments.

BD OptEIA sets contain:

  • Reagents for five or twenty ELISA plates
  • Capture antibody
  • Biotinylated detection antibody
  • Streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase
  • Recombinant standard

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